Install HTML Tidy at Centos 8/Directadmin

dnf install libtidy libtidy-devel

To start customizing the compilation parameters, first we need to create a custom compilation file:
cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
mkdir -p custom/php
cp -fp “configure/php/configure.php74” “custom/php/configure.php74”

Open the file:

Add –with-tidy line to the end of the custom/php/configure.php74 file, and make sure the \ character exists at the end of all lines except the last one. The \ character tells the configure line to loop to the next line, making the line easier to read. Without the \ character to trigger the wrap, the next line is incorrectly read as a separate command.

Build PHP:
./build php n

Restart Apache and if necessary, PHP-FPM:
service httpd restart
service php-fpm74 restart


CentOS 8, DirectAdmin

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