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How to Restore the Windows 7 MBR (Master Boot Record)

  1. Boot your computer to the Windows 7 DVD (or to a “Repair CD”).
  2. Click the button for “Use recovery tools”.
  3. Then select “Command Prompt”.
  4. The command we will use, bootsect.exe, is in a folder (named boot) on the DVD.
  5. We need to know what drive letter has been assigned the DVD drive to access the folder.
    Type: diskpart
    and press Enter
    Type: select disk 0 (zero)
    and press Enter
    type: list volume
    and press Enter

  6. Use your DVD drive letter and:
    Type: exit
    and press Enter
    to close Diskpart
    Type: G: (use the letter of your DVD drive)
    and press Enter
    Type: cd boot
    and press Enter
    Type: dir
    and press Enter

     to verify that bootcect.exe is there (if you really need to)

  7. To restore the “bootsector code”:
    TYPE: bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr
    and press Enter

  8. Type: exit
    and press Enter

  9. Now select Shut Down or Restart. Then you can reboot your computer into Windows.

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