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How to install Nexpose on Kali Linux

Download Nexpose from

chmod +x NeXposeSetup-Linux64.bin



To start Nexpose Services:

cd /opt/rapid7/nexpose/nsc/


To get Metasploit and NeXpose working together:

The reason is both Metasploit and Nexpose uses two separate PostreSQL databases and if one DB starts at port 5432 the other will fail. The solution is edit the system postgreSQL configuration file at /etc/postgresql/9.1/main/postgresql.conf. Look for the line:

port = 5432

and change it to anything else other than this default port number. For example:

port = 5433


Then go to the <Metasploit installation directory>/apps/pro/ui/config/database.yml and change the PostgreSQL port there to the one you configured in the postgresql.conf file. If you don’t have a database.yml file but have a database.yml.example file, just rename it to database.yml and then edit it. It should be like:


  adapter: postgresql

  database: <db-name>

  username: <username>

  password: <password>

  host: <hostname>

  port: 54321

  pool: 5



Then start postgre and metasploit service. It should run fine.

/etc/init.d/posgresql start

/etc/init.d/metasploit start


When you have first installed Metasploit and second Nexpose, then follow the following steps:

Remove the installed metasploit packages and place them on hold:

apt-get remove metasploit && metasploit-framework
echo "metasploit"|dpkg --set-selections
echo "metasploit-framework"|dpkg --set-selections

You must remove all metasploit folders

updatedb && locate metasploit
rm -rf /usr/share/metasploit-framework/ && rm -rf /usr/share/doc/metasploit/ && rm -rf /usr/share/doc/metasploit-framework/
apt-get purge metasploit -y

Now download neXpose and Metasploit from the rapid7 site and make them executable:…-downloads.jsp

64-Bit Kali Example:

cd /tmp
chmod 755
chmod 755 NeXposeSetup-Linux64.bin

Then simply run the packages one at a time to install:




After that everything should be working as expected and you can run both neXpose and Metasploit at the same time.

If you want that Metasploit starts with Kali.
update-rc.d postgreSQL enable

update-rc.d metasploit enable

If you want also to install Armitage to the following:



apt-get install armitage

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